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‘Udon it Again.

Because… I did a post about Udon before and…Who doesn’t love a good noodle related pun…huh?….???  Heh…Heh…

But seriously dinner was on point. A rich pork, shrimp, miso broth, with wood ears, shiitakes, straw mushrooms, scorched scallion, seared pork and shrimp dumplings I made last week in a fit of post work delerium, seared then thinly sliced fatty pork shoulder tossed in at the end & quickly seared fat scallops. 

Does someone want to gift me millions of dollars so I can fund my expensive food choices and never work again? Kay thanks, byeee! 


Chorizo Burgers, Guacamole, and Aguachiles, Oh My!

For the 4th of July, I wanted to do a Mexican barbecue, because it is still awesome to me, having grown up eating hot dogs and hamburgers at every barbeque. But our friends wanted American fare, since they were  in the opposite situation. We decided to compromise by making Mexican themed burgers and hotdogs. We also did end up making aguachiles.

Mariya and I demonstrate what our Prom picture would look like.

For the Chorizo burgers, we used a 5:1 ratio of lean ground beef to raw chorizo. We made sure to mix them when both were very cold and we also mixed some minced jalapeños, onions and cilantro into them. Then we pattied them up and cooked them off. We ended up cooking them pretty well done, because some people were a little spooked about the idea of slightly under-cooked pork, but if I had my druthers, I would have eaten them the same as I eat any hamburger (Medium Rare). They still were pretty moist and tasty at Well Done. Then we topped them with Queso Chihuahua slices, but you could use Muenster (they taste pretty similar and are a similar texture).  We also put some delicious Guacamole on them. They were AMAZING!

We also made some guacamole to top the burgers and eat with corn chips. For my guacamole, I seared on the grill 3 Jalapeños (2 red 1 green) then very small diced (brunoise), small diced 2 Serranos, small diced 1 White Onion, small diced Tomato (not Roma), 3 medium Tomatillos seeded and small diced, 1/2 bunch of Cilantro rough chopped, juice of 3 Limes (or to taste), Salt. Then, of course, 7 Avocados. The avocados, you can cut larger and just mash them up when you mix everything together. I make sure to dice everything else really small, so you can get a bit of everything in every bite. This was a pretty huge batch, but you can scale it back, or you can invite friends over.

Emmanuel must be telling a very good story.

We also made aguachiles. Aguachiles is a ceviche made from raw shrimp, cucumber, chiles, onions, lime and salt. You eat it on tostadas, and it is amazing. If you are skeeved out about the raw shrimp, know that you are essentially cooking the shrimp in all of the salt and lime. You are killing almost any bacteria that is present. Not only that, but the shrimp even gets the texture of cooked shrimp. Plus, it is amazing. I started the Aguachiles by peeling 3 lbs. of a raw shrimp, then I cut them into slightly smaller pieces. Next, I peeled, deseeded, and rough chopped 2 Cucumbers, then I deseeded and rough chopped 3 Chile Manzanas (they are usually golfball sized fleshy round yellow chiles with black seeds and a lot of heat, if you can’t find them, use 2 jalapeños and 1 habanero). We  juiced like 10-12 limes that we poured into a blender cup with the cucumbers, the chiles and Some Salt (a good ammount not sure on the quantity, maybe a handful (you can adjust it to taste after)) and puree them. Then you want to peel 3 more Cucumbers, halve them, deseed them, then slice them. Also thinly slice 1 Red Onion into short strips. Next you just need to mix everything together in a non-reactive bowl or pot. Now you just need to let all of that sit in the fridge for an hour or so. I usually stir it pretty regulary to make sure that the shrimp gets good contact with the acidic mixture. Then you just need to enjoy. Once they have sat for a while in the liquid, you can adjust the acid and the salt content, and then just enjoy it on tostadas. It is so nice and refreshing on a hot summer day. Hope everyone had a great Fourth!!