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Mango SHER-bet….

Growing up in Lowell, we always had Ball’s Softee Cream to go to on hot summer days. In my early days, all I wanted was a Flurry filled with Heath or peanut butter cups, but as I got older my tastes changed. When I got in High School and started working there, I found the perfect combination….Small Orange Sherbet with Twinkle Coat (which still is a mystery to me, but I am pretty sure it is made by fairies) on a cake cone. This stuff is pure magic. Jim, the owner, mixes the stuff in the back of the shop and I can’t really even say that I know what goes in it. I should clarify that this is SHERBET or SHERBERT…not Sorbet, fancy pants. Sherbert is the lovechild of ice cream and sorbet. Heavier and creamier than sorbet (sorry vegans) but lighter with no eggs unlike icecream, Sherbert is where it is at. In it’s orange form, it is like a creamsicle in one smooth package. I have been talking about making sherbet for years now, and it apparently only took one boring day off of work with nothing to do, 3 Mangoes (the small yellow kind (Champagne Mangoes?)(very ripe)), 1 1/2 Cup of Milk, the Juice of 2 Limes, and 1/4 Cup of Sugar. I don’t know why more people aren’t doing this…Why haven’t I seen this in restaurant menus? Don’t other people pine for that punch that you always got at kid’s birthday parties with Squirt and Orange Sherbet floating in it? With all of the cooks in Chicago remaking things from their childhood and putting it on their menus, why has no one done this? It is brilliant. Basically I blended all of this stuff up, chilled it down and spun it in my Kitchen-Aid Icecream Maker. The end. It was so good that I scraped the bowl and ate it over the sink. Don’t judge me.