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Food Porn From the Past

I cook things a lot, and at times, I don’t have time to sit and nit-pick each item, so I jut thought that I would throw a smattering of goodness at you. There are few things better in life than the ‘fixins for a Mexican Barbeque….

Once we made tamales with our friend Paco’s Mom, it was amazing. Her’s were way better. I would love to have another one on one with her.

When I used to make pastries, I made this at the Zeeb. Blood Orange Creme Carmel, with Orange Spice Grandma Hoekie Cookies, Candied Kumquats, Blood Oranges, and Lemon Curd. It was baller.

During Snowpocalypse 2011, I was inspired to make home-made Sno-Balls without the pink poison coconut. I made a chocolate cake, cut it into disks, cracked open a coconut, shaved it by hand, toasted and candied it, then made a Italian meringue. Then I smeared the meringue on the cakes, and rolled them in the coconut, the end result was aMaZiNg!!!

See? I told you I was a line cook. I’m so fast, I’m blurry….just kidding…. Oh, Mushroom Roll…..


Sabritas Preparadas translates literally to sack ‘o deliciousness, actually no, but it is. Basically Doritos of your choice slathered in Salsa Maga, mixed with cueritos (pickled pork skin), pickled potatoes, salchicha, or whatever else you feel like. This was awesome. If you are spooked by the pickled pork skin, just hope you get tricked into eating it before you realize it, then you will fall in love as I have.

To this day, the Hobo-Pie Maker remains one of my favorite cooking tools.

This is what happens to you when it is your last day in the kitchen, even if you are the Chef de Cuisine.

When I make you pulled pork, I also take the time to make you slaw, oh, and don’t forget the pretzel rolls.

p.s. As I was looking through these photos, I was very tempted to start showing you the injuries I sustained while working in kitchens….burns, cuts, bruises, blisters, but…thank God….I had the self restraint to avoid combining food with gore. XOX.