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Indigo Milk Caps

This one was no good, all buggy, but isn’t it shocking blue? The milk or latex these mushrooms exude is called smurf blood in jest. 

Believe it or not, this insanity colored mushroom is edible. I don’t know if I will be able to stomach it, but it is said to have a nutty peppery kick. With time the blue turns green. They turn scrambled eggs an eerie green. Lactarius indigo

A gorgeous mushroom undoubtedly. I need to summon the strength to sautée these guys up with some butter, salt and pepper. Wish me luck. 

They turned a murky aqua with cooking. Eric wouldn’t touch them. I have to admit I was a little bit skeeved out by the color. It’s human nature to be sketched out by food this color. It keeps us alive. Alas, there have been many dummies before me to make sure this guy is edible. 


It’s alright. I get nutty and mushroomy. I didn’t pick up any peppery, which is ironic, because I put pepper on them. They have a mild aftertaste, maybe slightly metallic? My general opinion is that they are totally edible, fairly tasty. Would I eat them again, yes. Would I seek them out to eat again? Meh, probably not. If I fed them to friends I’d make sure they were blindfolded or in a very dark room.