The Great Pumpkin


Yet another exception has been made while making this cooking blog. Just to prove that I am alive and well, I decided to post this Jack-o-Lantern that I carved for Emmanuel in celebration of our Second Anniversary. He generally scoffs at “silly American holidays”, so I thought a neat, Nightmare Before Christmas- Jack Skellington one might warm him up to the idea. In regards to justifying it for my cooking blog, I say, “First of all, I do whatever I want!, and secondly, I baked the squash seeds(noting that this isn’t actually a true pumpkin) for a tasty snack”. I didn’t do anything too special, I just washed them well, then rubbed them with butter, olive oil and salt, then toasted them at 400 degrees until crispy. That is how my Mommy did them for me as a kid, and I will honor her simple and tasty recipe. I have to say, I do miss spreading out newspapers on our old linoleum floor and carving giant pumpkins that we all picked together, only to have them smashed by too-old-to-be-trick-or-treating-neighborhood-kids a week or so later. Those were good times, but a good pumpkin carving session can bring some of it’s coziness back.



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I was born and raised in West Michigan in a small suburban/farming community called Lowell. I grew up cooking. My family has always been centered around the kitchen. Growing up I tended to cook a lot of Italian-American food, seeing as how I am a whopping 25% Sicilian. When I got into high school I got really into Asian cuisine. I went to college at Central Michigan University, and quickly became homesick and insecure about my areas of study (Spanish and Art). I decided to return to the motherland and begin Culinary School after 2.5 years of moderate success in traditional college. Culinary school was a fun experience, and I learned a lot, but I didn't really fit the profile of my fellow classmates. When finished, I moved to Chicago to explore carreer options. My first place of employment outside of Michigan was Green Zebra, where I learned a lot, but quickly learned that I wasn't cut out for the cooks lifestyle. I stuck it out though, and continued working at both of Shawn McClain's restaurants, for about a year and a half. I now work for Whole Foods, and while it is a corporate environment, three of the biggest perks are access to ingredients, the employee discount, and the 8 hour days that allow me time to do what I really want. I am most happy when cooking in my own kitchen for people that I love. I now live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my husband Eric and my cat child Fergus. View all posts by iliketocookthings

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