Tacos Dorados con Queso y Frijoles

Last night at 2 AM I made tacos dorados for the first time ever, don’t ask why. I never realized how easy they are, until then. I usually am pretty hesitant about deep frying anything….the spent oil….the smell…the clogged arteries….ock. In this case though, I was able to shallow fry them and they worked out really well.

For the beans:

I made some re-fried beans the same night that I made the Salsa Verde, by first rinsing then boiling 3 cups of pinto beans. I added some cumin, chicken stock (or bullion), 1/2 small white onion diced really small, 2 chipotles from a can of chipotles in adobo small diced, a small handful of cilantro and a bottle of Negra Modelo beer. Don’t forget to season them well. When the liquid reduced, I added more hot water as needed. I let this boil away uncovered until the beans were soft and fully cooked. Then I mashed them with my bean masher, but you can use anything with mashing capabilities. I let them cool overnight, but I am sure you could do the tacos with hot beans too.

For the actual tacos, I just steamed a stack of corn tortillas in the microwave wrapped in a dish towel for 3o seconds so they would be pliable enough to fold, then I started to fill them. I put a small dollop of beans onto the tortilla and spread it out. Then I smashed a small ammount of shredded Muenster (I prefer it over Chihuahahua cheese, which I would use if I didn’t have Muenster) in the midddle of the beans. Then I folded the tortilla in half sealing the cheese in the middle of the beans and securing the sides by stabbing them with a toothpick on each side.

Then I fried them in hot oil about 2/3 of an inch deep. I got it pretty hot, but not smoky and left it on medium to high heat. The tacos leaked a little, bit not like crazy. Then, once both sides were golden brown, I blotted them on paper towel and let them cool a little before biting into the little lava filled crunchy amazing treats. The salsa verde was amazing with these. They are often filled with seasoned potatoes or seasoned ground meats too. Both are amazing too. They made for the perfect food at 2 AM, and I am sure that any drunk person would be more than happy with them too. Hahaha.

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I was born and raised in West Michigan in a small suburban/farming community called Lowell. I grew up cooking. My family has always been centered around the kitchen. Growing up I tended to cook a lot of Italian-American food, seeing as how I am a whopping 25% Sicilian. When I got into high school I got really into Asian cuisine. I went to college at Central Michigan University, and quickly became homesick and insecure about my areas of study (Spanish and Art). I decided to return to the motherland and begin Culinary School after 2.5 years of moderate success in traditional college. Culinary school was a fun experience, and I learned a lot, but I didn't really fit the profile of my fellow classmates. When finished, I moved to Chicago to explore carreer options. My first place of employment outside of Michigan was Green Zebra, where I learned a lot, but quickly learned that I wasn't cut out for the cooks lifestyle. I stuck it out though, and continued working at both of Shawn McClain's restaurants, for about a year and a half. I now work for Whole Foods, and while it is a corporate environment, three of the biggest perks are access to ingredients, the employee discount, and the 8 hour days that allow me time to do what I really want. I am most happy when cooking in my own kitchen for people that I love. I now live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my husband Eric and my cat child Fergus. View all posts by iliketocookthings

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